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Fluffy Friday
Author: wickedpam    Date: 10/16/2015 13:13:36

I'm slowly reading a book called "The Jet Sex", its a history of Stewardesses and a look at how they helped basically kick off the women's movement in modern times. Not very far into yet, but I'm reminded of when flying was a grand experience.


Attendants where Jane's of a lot of trades having to know everything from first aid to fashion and everything in between because they were ambassadors not just for the airlines but also, when flying international, the United States. Planes were grand, kept spotless and well maintained. There was pride in working for an airline. Or maybe that's just how I want to remember it (what can I say I'm an idealist at heart).

Now a days you're lucky if the 17 inch wide seat with it's 31 inches of legroom is stain free and the seat in front of you doesn't get dropped into your lap; or if the overworked crew doesn't chuck the prepacked snack and sip of water at you before having to do the 1,000 others things they must do before landing.

Why am I talking about the experience of commercial air flight? While I know things with mechanical wings is really Tri's wheelhouse, it seems that US Airways is making its final flight before the name is soars into history.

US Airways Final Flight

Its sad to see an industry that sparked the imaginations and hearts of so many dwindle down. Soon it will be all "Taco Bell" (see the movie Demolition Man for the reference) I'm waiting for the day for someone to get a clue and understand consumers are tired of being treating like faceless cattle. It would be nice to have wider seats, legroom and be treated like a human again.


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