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Author: velveeta jones    Date: 11/01/2015 14:57:01

Recently the Republican candidates have been complaining about their own debates: too long, to one-sided, questions not relevant and/or designed to start a fight, moderators not attractive enough, the list goes on.

So the candidates are meeting with each other, without party leadership, to solve this problem. Ted Cruz wants only republican pundits to ask questions:
How about if we say from now on if you have never voted in a Republican primary in your life you don’t get to moderate a Republican primary debate.

Actually true.

Ah, I can see it now.

Moderator from Drudge: "The Middle East is like a box of crayons, there are many players and some feel like they get more attention form the United States than others, leaving them to sit around in the box unused. Before we can decide who will be president, what are each of yours favorite color? We'll start with Gov. Huckabee"


Moderator Marc Levin, "Senator Cruz, Congressional Republicans, Democrats and the White House are about to strike a compromise that would raise the debt limit, prevent a government shutdown and calm financial markets that fear of another crisis is on the way. My question to you, are you more of a Dog person or a Cat person? And why?"


Moderator David Koch, "Marco Rubio, feminists like Rosie O'Donnell and other ugly butch types complain that the gender gap in pay is not rising very quickly and that's unfair. Currently women make 79 cents to $1.00 a man makes. In 1988 women made 66 cents to each mans dollar. My question to you, what's your fondest memory of the year 1988. Please be specific".

Well, these will be fun questions! Lets just hope that when they become president that other world leaders will ask them these tough questions as well.

Meanwhile in Iowa, the two front-runners are off promoting their books so they have no time for campaigning.

Have a great day everyone. Royals will end this World Series tonight!

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