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Author: velveeta jones    Date: 11/22/2015 14:40:37

I'm pretty sick and tired of hearing from the GOP and quite a few blue dog Dems, on the reasons we shouldn't help refugees. I've heard the victims of this bloody war called "rabid dogs" and even compared to foods (peanuts and grapes). I'm disgusted by it.

Donald Trump not only doesn't want them in the country, he wants all Muslims living here to be tagged with some form of tracking device. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, two people who directly benefited from being allowed to relocate to this country are soundly against letting them in. Cruz saying it's "nothing less than lunacy". Jeb Bush, who claims to be the moderate candidate, thinks we should only let the Christians in. How that would work he didn't explain. Chris Christie says we shouldn't even allow orphaned children under 5 years old to step foot in America.

All these people just lost their rights to speak as "Pro-Lifers". They need to STFU about Planned Parenthood closings and anything related to reproductive rights except as it affects their own family. They lost that right. If I hear one more ".... every human life is precious..." BS I will do some face punching, Secret Service be damned.

Meanwhile, Canada is accepting refugees and I guess now we have to worry about the rabid dogs, grapes and peanuts coming down from Canada. Am I right, Republicans? I'm just guessing this will be your next panic attack. Maybe we should build a wall along our border with the North! I'm sure President Trump can get Canadians to pay for it.

As for me, I'm gonna do the only thing I can do other than speak out, send some money to help these people who need it so badly.

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