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White Guys with Big Guns
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 01/03/2016 16:34:39

Yesterday TriSec wrote a blog about guns, what a coincidence, because I am also writing about guns! Seems America loves its guns. Oh and I'm not talking about these:


Although we could talk about those if you rather. At least those are easier on the eyes.

Alas, I mean these kind of white guys and guns:


Ew. Not nearly as much fun.

Also not fun: shooting your niece on Christmas morning:

A 2-year-old girl in Oregon was rushed to the hospital after being shot in the face on Christmas morning by her uncle.

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office said officers received a 911 call just after 11:00 a.m. on Friday informing them that a child had been shot in the face with a handgun. The shooting occurred at a home near Molalla.The uncle who shot her, 24-year-old Luke Andrew Bowman, reportedly was cleaning a .45 caliber handgun when it went off, striking the girl in the cheek.

A sheriff’s deputy told KGW the uncle had been given a gun cleaning kit for Christmas.

The girl was flown to a Portland area hospital to undergoing surgery. She is expected to survive.The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office said no criminal charges had been filed.

Of course they won't be filing charges, there is currently no law in that state for stupidity. You might think to yourself, "self, why in the world wouldn't that guy check to see if his gun were loaded BEFORE he started cleaning it?"

Yes, you'd think that.

Oregon is a state with lots of white guys with guns. So many, that it's a daily occurrence there for entire groups of white guys to show up and take over buildings as in this case:
A large group of armed militia members have broken into and occupied a federal building in Oregon. The group reportedly includes three sons of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who had a tense standoff with federal officials in 2014.
Radical militia members from across the country descended on Harney County, Oregon today to protest the conviction of two local ranchers for arson on federal land. They claim “that the federal government had no authority in Harney County.”

The militia occupying the headquarters building at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is a splinter group from the larger protest. The gambit seems intended “to provoke a standoff with the federal government.”

This sounds like a really keen idea. Oh hey, it's the Bundy Bunch again! The same guys with fans that aimed sniper rifles at Feds. Those guys really should have their own reality TV show. Let's all call whoever produces "Duck Dynasty" and "199 and Counting" and pitch this! I'm sure they could have there pictures on People Magazine and have a line of collectible soda cups from Chik-Fil-A.

This list of white guys with guns and the stupid things they do is just too too long and the day is short. But here's some memorable one's from 2015:

A man at a "Muslim-free" gun store and shooting range in Oklahoma accidentally shot himself on Tuesday in an incident the local sheriff seemed to have anticipated.
The man at Save Yourself Survival and Tactical Gear in Oktaha, Oklahoma, dropped a loaded gun, which then fired a bullet into his wrist, the local sheriff's department told News On 6.
He has not been publicly identified, but is expected to recover.
Armed volunteers have been "guarding" the shop since it announced earlier this month that it had banned Muslims.

This was no fake Hollywood drama. A man accidentally shot himself at a Salina, Kansas, movie theater Friday night, freaking out the audience, KWCH reported.
Forty-five minutes into the movie "Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials," Heather Myers thought she heard a popped candy bag or prank . Then, she said, "This guy started shouting 'Oh my God, I just shot myself! I just got my concealed and carry,' and then everybody jumped up."

PRYOR, Oklahoma - A 14-year-old Pryor boy is out of surgery after being shot several times by his neighbor who has not been arrested.
Police said the teen and two of his friends were ringing doorbells and running off early New Year's Day when the homeowner came out to his front yard and started firing.


Shall we see what happens when people of color carry a gun?

Let's go back to these guns:


Oh yeeeaaaaah. Much nicer!

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