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Jesus Wept
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 01/10/2016 15:14:59

And so did Obama! Of course he used an "onion under the podium" to make those tears. And according to chronic lip-licker Marco Rubio he didn't shed tears for Paris, San Bernardino or James Foley's beheading.

Why can't our President be more MANLY like those FOX news women who admit they don't cry over murdered children, and instead get shit done? What a wimp Obama is.

Marco Rubio would get rid of ISIS and make sure every child was armed with assault rifles to protect themselves. That water deprived, anti-immigrant Cuban guy would make our country safe!

Here he is rehydrating on the run:

Someone please send this man that dry mouth stuff that Stephanie Miller used to hawk.

Meanwhile in Oregon those brave men and women more men have taken over an empty federal building in order to protect Americans freedoms. But there seems to be some disagreement on what they want to accomplish.

Yesterday another group of armed citizens showed up:
Members of the Pacific Patriots Network, a consortium of several groups from Oregon, Washington and Idaho, arrived mid-morning, carrying rifles and sidearms and clad in military attire and bulletproof vests.

They were there to supposedly protect the original armed nuts, er, Patriots. But according to reports --
Todd MacFarlane, a Utah lawyer acting as a mediator, said occupation leader Ammon Bundy doesn't want the armed visitors there.

Bundy's message: "We don't need that. We don't want it and we're asking you to leave," MacFarlane told reporters at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

MacFarlane said he had just met with Bundy and other leaders of the occupation.

They're "alarmed" by the arrival of Pacific Patriots Network members, some carrying rifles, and concerned about the perception they convey.

"This was the last thing in the world they wanted to see happen," MacFarlane said.

Bundy didn't request the presence of the network, he said, and has "tried to put out the word: 'We don't need you.'

DAMMIT! Don't you hate it when you start an armed rebellion and another armed group comes and rebels against your rebellion. That sucks! Why can't these Patriots go back home and just play video games?

It does make for some interesting, bizarre and confusing press conferences where armed protectors of our freedoms walk in front of microphones and speak jibberish. Well done America! The cartooning of our country continues.

It wasn't bad enough that we had Blue Tarp Guy?


Meanwhile in South Carolina:
As Donald Trump questioned the motives of Syrian refugees at a Friday night rally, saying they “probably are ISIS,” a woman sitting in the stands of the sports arena behind him silently stood. She was wearing a white hijab and a blue T-shirt that read: “Salam, I come in peace.”

Trump kept speaking, but soon the crowd erupted, holding up their campaign signs and chanting: “Trump! Trump! Trump!” That was the formal signal for security to remove her from the rally — even though she stood quietly, not saying anything. She was joined by several other protesters, all wearing yellow eight-pointed stars, reminiscent of the six-pointed stars Jews were forced by the Nazis to wear on their clothing during the Holocaust.

Is it any wonder Obama and Jesus weep?

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