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Son of Super Tuesday
Author: BobR    Date: 03/09/2016 14:07:17

Yesterday was another "mini" Super Tuesday - sort of a "Superette Tuesday" or a "Pseudo-Super Tuesday". Those who live in the states in question may think otherwise. After all - voting is one of the few options we have to get our elected officials' attention. Still - 4 states seems like a rather diminutive "Super".

Results are here...

Clinton continued her expected run of southern states with what can only be called a drubbing of Sanders in Mississippi (faint praise indeed). She took a whopping 82% of the vote. Is that something to be proud of in the state ranked 50th in the country for education?

Sanders eked out a win in Michigan (50% to 48%). I have read that he was not expected to win Michigan - I had no expectations either way. It helps keep him in the race - he has 549 "regular" delegates to Clinton's 766. Clinton has a lot more "super" delegates, which is something that angers Sanders supporters no end. We still have several large states ahead of us that can go either way, so this is still a wide open race.

On the Republican side, Trump took 3 out of the four states (fyi: Idaho and Hawaii did not have Democratic primaries), all with less than 50% of the vote. He won Michigan with only 36% of the vote - 64% of the Republican voters there did NOT want Trump, but he won the state anyway. One has to wonder how that will play out in the General. Cruz took Idaho, also with less than 50% of the vote (45%). Rubio? No states at all (cue sad trombone).

So for the Republicans, Trump has 461 delegates to Cruz's 360. Rubio is way behind with 154. There are 66 delegates between Kasich, Carson, and Bush - not exactly power-play numbers... although if they all put their votes behind Rubio, he could be a king-maker. Regardless - there is still a long way to go with Republican race as well.

All in all though - I am feeling more and more apathetic about it all. We have been living and breathing this election for well over a year now, and I guess I've already hit saturation. It's like watching the middle miles of a marathon or the Talladega 500. Wake me up when it gets a little closer to the finish line.

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