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Cruz Miss-ile
Author: BobR    Date: 2016-05-04 10:17:40

It's Trump

Good gawd.... it's an embarrassment for our nation.

In case you missed it, Trump won Indiana yesterday, prompting Ted Cruz to drop out. Kasich is staying until the bitter end. That's cute.

Before the primary, he needed a boost to his campaign, so he brought in Carly Fiorina to be his "VP pick" (demonstrating his ignorance of Republican party procedure). As Fiorina has a tendency to do, she "HP-ed" his campaign. Cruz apparently believed God told him to run... it seems God has a sick sense of humor, or just really wanted to put Cruz through the wringer for being a colossal dick.

So now with the whole world watching, they are going to see one of our two constituent political parties put up a clueless classless sideshow barker as their leader. It's sickening.

Over on the Dem side, Indiana was pretty close to a tie. Sanders won, but all of the super-delegates went for Clinton. That is sure to drive the Sanders' supporters into paroxysms of outrage. That's what happens when you join the party at the last minute. Whatever...

Anyway - the orange-headed douche will be even more insufferable than ever. The next six months are going to suck.

Yay us...

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