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Author: Raine    Date: 05/16/2016 13:21:53

Remember back in 2008, when a young, energized senator from Illinois was running for the Office of the President of the United States?

Remember they called him too inexperienced and naive? Then they called him arrogant and uppity? From 2007:
Now that it’s obvious Barack Obama will be the Democratic candidate for president, GOP nominee apparent John McCain and the Republican attack machine predictably have started in on the Illinois senator as a callow youth with scant foreign policy experience and a resultant naive view of the world.

Hell, they are still saying those things about President Obama.
"This is the weakness of the Obama years," Krauthammer said. "He came in as...inexperienced, but arrogant. That's the combination that I think did such damage."
Fast forward to yesterday.
RADDATZ: Is there anything you would like Donald Trump do differently?

SESSIONS: Well, I think he’s going to need to learn. He’s going to need to understand really completely — as you know, Martha, how complex this world is, even within Baghdad and the region around Baghdad — Kurds, al Anbar, Sunni, Shia, Iranians, so forth. It’s just a very, very complex world and you have to be careful when you commit a military force.

It is almost like Republicans are trying to make Hillary Clinton’s argument for her. The last thing that the chairman of Trump’s own foreign policy committee should ever say during an interview is that the Republican nominee needs to learn.

Hillary Clinton argument for her candidacy is that she won’t need on the job training. Clinton is experienced, and she will be ready to hit the ground running on her first day in office. Republicans, like Sen. Sessions, spent years criticizing President Obama as inexperienced, but they are supporting a candidate who by their own admission needs to learn.

I'm just gonna let them take a listen to our current President...



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