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All is forgiven?
Author: TriSec    Date: 05/28/2016 12:36:21

Good Morning.

Prince has been dead a month, and I haven't written about it in a number of weeks now.

The day after he passed, I received an unsolicited text containing a few keywords that I won't share, but I recognized who it was from.

I mulled it over for about an hour, then I replied back, "Is it thee?" and the sender replied in the affirmative.

That first day, we never mentioned the tumultuous events of the last three years, but rather mourned His Royal Badness and we both agreed that we couldn't let an event of this magnitude go by without comment.

Indeed, my old high school friend, my former roommate, and Best Man, who I had essentially given up for dead after he attempted suicide on Christmas Eve 2013, took that first step and reached out to me.

There's still many unresolved issues between us, but we've managed to put enough behind us that I can talk to him again. Curiously enough, it's been all through text and Facebook; I have not spoken directly to him, nor have I made the trip back to Saugus to see him.

This is a person I've known since 8th grade, when we were both 14. I have only 2 friends that I've known longer than that.

We've tiptoed around the elephant in the room, but we've both acknowledged it's presence without devolving into a shouting match, so there seems to be some hope for rehabilitation here. We have certainly shared too much over the last three decades to leave it all behind.

Perhaps the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb after all.

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