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20 questions.
Author: Raine    Date: 09/15/2016 13:16:53

Welcome back, Madame Secretary.

Today Hillary Clinton returns to the campaign trail after a bout with pneumonia. While she was at home resting, she decided to take to twitter to ask a few question of her opponent, and twitter went wild.
Clinton is helping shape the narrative, and showing her expertise at the same time. Instead of letting the press drag this country down with false equivalences as they get buried by Trump’s slippery non-answers and accusations made completely without evidence, Clinton is showing the way.
All of the tweets are at the link.

Those are the very questions that everyone in cable media should be asking of the Republican nominee.

Print media, for the most part, is doing its job. The problem in cable and radio-- these are the people who actually have the ability to ask the questions -- is that they are not pushing back on the very serious issues that Secretary Clinton brings up.

Peace and Love,


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