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Erection Debate
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 09/25/2016 16:30:37

Tomorrow night is the big night! The first face off between an American inspiration who is experienced, knowledgable and an expert on everything and Hillary Clinton. And I know just what you're all thinking; who the heck is Gennifer Flowers?

Donald Trump has invited his lady friend, Ms Flowers, to sit in the front row. Many of you may have seen her picture on television and might think that Donald and her are a "thing", but you'd be most mistaken. Gennifer with a 'G' Flowers is only showing us her pictures from decades ago. This is what she looks like today:


Gennifer was an American model and actress who obtained notoriety after revealing a sexual relationship with former U.S. President Bill Clinton. In January 1998, Clinton testified under oath that there had been sexual relations between Flowers and him. Prior to Clinton's presidency, she also posed nude for Penthouse magazine and was an actress in two porn films and one TV show that was canceled soon after her appearance.

She was born Jennifer Nagatha Schneider in 1942 in Pittsburgh PA. She was the third child of 6 and her parents were bakers who were later arrested for killing a homeless man and baking him into a Spritzkuchen.

In 1961 she changed her name to Gennifer Flowers and moved to LA hoping to be the next Marilyn Monroe. Never once considering that Monroe had actual acting chops and wasn't solely a sex kitten was her undoing.

According to her book My Life as a Litigious Sex Submissive she made a career out of targeting politicians to have affairs with in the hopes that they'd one day reach a very high office. She struck gold with Bill Clinton and claims she made over $5 Million dollars from the one-night tryst with him. The book also details a messy violent affair with Bill's nemesis Newt Gingrich. According to the book she was never able to make money from the Newt affair due to his inability to stay married to one person:

......I knew [he'd] never be a big payoff because he's had so many affairs. Even while we were a 'thing' he was cheating on me with two other women, one of whom would later become wife number 2, all while wife number one was in the hospital fighting cancer. He once called me and ordered me to send flowers to her bedside while he was out getting drunk in a casino with his other girlfriend. He would later laugh at me, slapping his knees and squealing "my little Flowers sent flowers to the ol' ball and chain".

Trumps choice of putting Gennifer with a 'G' in the front row is a brilliant move to throw Mrs. Clinton off her guard! Let's just hope that the old lady doesn't keel over after all the botox injections she's going to need to try to look like her glamorous halcyon days.

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