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Another type of debate.
Author: Raine    Date: 09/26/2016 13:05:06

While everyone is buzzing about tonite's debate, there is one that is getting little notice. That's right - Congress can't do its job and we are facing yet another Government shutdown.

Everything is put off until we the American people are caught in a crossfire of crisis. From the link:
But he (President Obama) urged lawmakers to come up with a stopgap that can pass both chambers and garner Obama's signature without using all remaining days before the government would run out of money.

McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, got the gears turning Sept. 22 for a key procedural vote Tuesday afternoon to stop a potential filibuster of the Republican spending package that's generally clean, but leaves by the wayside emergency funding for the lead-plagued water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

The inclusion of what Republicans described as a "down payment" on supplemental aid to flood-ravaged communities in Louisiana but not the Flint money drew the ire of Michigan Democrats, and it appears to be a key to Democratic opposition in the Senate.


As the release of McConnell's plan was imminent, Reid seemed particularly critical of the continuation of language in current appropriations law that blocks the Securities and Exchange Commission from compelling companies from disclosing so-called "dark money" campaign contributions.

"The president will accept no riders," Reid said. "If they want to get out of here, we've got Zika resolved. Do a clean CR and they can leave in 10 minutes."

Why are we at this point you may be asking? It's the lack of will of the Majority party to get anything done. This House passed an appropriation bill in June. Now the Senate is rushing to get something, anything, passed just to keep the lights on.

Instead of taking care of business, they skipped out after the bill was passed in the House. Then July came with half the month spent in Cleveland for the Convention and all of August they took off. Seriously, take a look at the 2016 Senate Schedule. They had over 8 weeks out of session while the House bill just sat there.

So here we are, again. Governance by Crisis. We absolutely need to make some serious changes in the House and the Senate, Vote Blue -- there is very little to debate about that.

I am sick and tired of Republicans inability to take care of business in any sort of responsible, adult manner.



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