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Author: Raine    Date: 10/17/2016 13:09:15

That's what Trump called us after he learned of the NC GOP firebombing. I won't link his tweet here.

Trust me, Believe me, he said it. It's not pretty out there, friends.

You can see what I am wondering over here on FB this morning to find out why.

I spoke with a former County Board of Elections member (Virginia, not NC) and he and I both hope the GOP spokesperson misspoke when she said this:
North Carolina Republican Party spokeswoman Emily Weeks told NBC News that the office is totally unusable and that materials inside, possibly including completed absentee ballots, may have been destroyed.

She said the office had received no threats prior to the bombing.
If this is true, then there is good reason to believe political dirty tricks are happening. I hope they find whoever did this and quickly. If this is true, laws are being broken by the NC GOP itself.


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