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The Dog Whistle
Author: TriSec    Date: 10/29/2016 12:24:18

Good Morning.

We'll start today on a rain-slicked runway at LGA. Seems like a 737-700 landed a little hot, maybe hydroplaned, and went rambling off the runway into an overrun area that did exactly what it was supposed to. It was a significant incident, but fortunately no one was hurt. It would have been a national footnote except for who was aboard.

I could analyze this to death for you if you like, but we won't be going there. There is word out now that the auto-spoilers weren't working, but I would have to categorize that as minor. Of course the media has it wrong; spoilers do nothing for your groundspeed. What they do is disrupt the airflow over the wing and help dump "lift" (hence: spoilers) and help the plane to settle down on the ground with its full weight, which in turn increases the braking action applied by the pilot's foot. Like I said, the system worked, and everybody walked away. So this should be a non-issue.

So let's talk about another non-issue. Did you all hear the siren call issued by the Trump camp yesterday?

I bet none of us did; after all, we're not dogs. It's more indicative of how tightly-manipulated Trump's followers have been these last few weeks. Whether or not text messages found on the Weinerphone are relevant to anything, it doesn't matter. All you need to do is say "Hilary" and "Email" in the same sentence, and this is the result.

Facts don't matter anymore; I have actually given up on Facebook of late, except to post a handful of insults on some random Trump threads I've taken offence at. I have reached the stage where several members of my own family have had multiple political posts blocked.

Have we finally reached that point of ignorance and subservience taking over from all reasonable people? If Five-Thirty-Eight is to be believed there is still hope for our future, but if not, I fear this awaits.


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