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This Is Not Normal.
Author: Raine    Date: 11/10/2016 13:56:54

It should never be normal.

The world is horrified.

‘Demagogic Degeneracy’
Editorial in the Brazilian newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo

‘Disgust Has Become the Principal Engine’
Editorial in the Reforma newspaper, Mexico

‘A Moment of Great Peril’
Editorial in The Financial Times of Britain

‘Europe Is Not Protected’
Editorial in the French newspaper Le Monde

‘Bad for India Because He Is Bad for His Own Country’
Bobby Ghosh, editor in chief, in The Hindustan Times of India

‘The Nightmare Has Come True’
Editorial in JoongAng Ilbo, a newspaper in South Korea
There are more headlines and summaries at the link.

This is not normal.

Sexual abuse survivors are horrified.

This is not normal.

Children are scared.

This is not normal.

Our LGBTQ brothers and sisters are horrified. Muslims are horrified. Minorities are horrified.

It's one thing to deeply disagree on another party's policy, but this person who will be sitting in the Oval office is simply not a good man. He has hurt people, he has destroyed business and left a path of destruction in his wake. It's not sour grapes, it simply isn't normal and I find myself resenting people who are trying to normalize what has happened.

I don't want to be told that we should unite behind a person who has shown nothing but contempt for anything and anyone who didn't support him.

And aside from my facebook screed, That is all I can write about today.

As always,



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