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Promises, Promises
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 11/27/2016 17:42:53

The great and powerful Donald J. Trump will Make America blah blah blah when he restores our country to her greatness of being the, um, greatest!

Here's what he'll do in his first 10 days:

Lock Her Up™. This goes without saying that his special prosecutor will put crooked Hillary in prison. He can do this with the swipe of a pen! Let us never forget, he said this:

What a powerful statement; and this is only one of many, many, many tweets that he issued promising us that he would put her in jail. And why would he not keep his promise on this? He's proven many times how honorable he is.

Take "Obamacare" as another example. He will repeal this odious plan that has provided millions of Americans with health insurance, and toss it out of the 58th floor of Trump Towers! Here's one of many of his written promises on that repeal:

Donald Trump is a man of his word. Get the prison cell ready for Hillary! Don't listen to what the LIB media says about this. Who are you gonna believe, a journalist -- okay many journalists -- or our president elect who has never has a drink and never told a lie. Also, he's never had an affair and treats women with the upmost respect!

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