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The Snow Muser
Author: TriSec    Date: 12/18/2016 22:54:04

We all know and love this guy, right?

Well....sorry to destroy everyone's childhood - but he's misnamed.

Our friends at Merriam-Webster define a miser as such:

: a mean grasping person; especially : one who is extremely stingy with money

So let's think about our snowy friend for a moment. He says it himself, "I never want to see a day / That's over forty degrees / I'd rather have it thirty, / Twenty, ten, five and let it freeeeEEEEEEeeze!"

That rather insinuates that he wants to share his snow and spread it around as far and wide as possible, right?

I believe that to be the opposite of "miser", no? Perhaps a better name for our friend might be the "Snowlanthropist"??

On the other hand, there is this bastage:

I've got the same problem with him, too.

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