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Good morning!
Author: Raine    Date: 01/23/2017 14:09:23

The most important thing to read today is this, from our Loyal TriSec on Saturday.

They say leap and the net will appear, and I believe that. I wish him and his family much happiness for the next chapter in life.

As you know, I marched with Velveeta, BobR, my dear friend Margaret, Jamie and Marg's Aunt and uncle, Faye and Jim.

It was beautiful, magical, determined, angry, and joyful. I have so much joy in my heart that so many people I care about got to meet each other and forge new friendships.

Women and the men who love us are woke. Everywhere I went yesterday the question was Did you march? Almost every answer was yes.

We are not done, we will not go back. We, like Tri, are starting a new chapter in our lives.

Let's open our hearts and bring all who choose to come along with us. There are more of us than anyone realizes.


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