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Author: BobR    Date: 02/01/2017 16:29:16

We've always known tRump was a liar. During the campaign, his statements were factchecked, and he was found to be absolutely lying 50% of the time, and mostly lying another 20%. That is a LOT of blatant lying. Sadly, there were enough voters who either believed him, or didn't care, and by the magic of our electoral system, put him in office with a minority of the vote.

What we can hope they WILL care about is when he does not fulfill those promises he made (and those unspoken via dog whistle rhetoric and incomplete sentences). He's been in office less than 2 weeks, but already he's blowing off some of the big ones.

One of his campaign promises was to build a "big beautiful wall" along the border with Mexico, and "make Mexico pay for it". Anyone with a lick of sense knew there was no way possible for him to force Mexico to pay for it, but his acolytes swallowed that one. It's clear that pResident tRump's understanding of international trade is at a junior-high level. His solution is to enact a 20% import tariff. Who pays that 20%? Not the Mexicans - it's paid for by Americans who buy Mexican products (like those who buy tRump's clothing line). On top of that, it will need to be paid for with American tax dollars until that tariff (which would violate NAFTA) can be put into place. So guess what tRump voters - YOU are paying for that wall.

Candidate tRump also said he had a plan to repeal and replace "Obamacare". Congressional Republicans have been saying the same thing too, for 6 years. Now that they have the means to actually repeal it, guess what? They don't actually have a plan to replace it. They never expected to be in a position where they would need to put up or shut up. Any plan they try will likely increase the budget deficit (remember that the ACA was passed only because it lowered the deficit, allowing a parliamentary procedure to be used to get around blockades). So tRump voters who were upset by the "if you like your plan, you can keep it" that didn't pan out when their states actively refused to work with the program are going to get a rude awakening when they lose their plan and can't find anything else because of pre-existing conditions, age, etc.

Candidate tRump promised to "drain the swamp" of career politicians and others he said weren't working in the interests of "real Americans". Apparently tRump thinks that "real Americans" means those with gold-plated toilets, because he's stacked his cabinet with a record number of Wall Street execs. Do you think tRump voters were expecting Goldman-Sachs execs helping to decide their financial future?

He's backtracking on a promise to undo LGBT protections. FWIW, that is actually a GOOD thing, but his supporters won't be happy.

tRump criticized President Obama for taking vacations. He said no long vacations for him. After 2 weeks in office, large chunks of the government unstaffed or understaffed, and after dropping several poorly written and legally questionable Executive Orders, what is he doing? He's taking a vacation. Granted it's a "long weekend", not a "long vacation", but does he really think he's earned it already?

Keep in mind this is just the first 10 days. What little he's done will be blocked by the courts. He'll soon find he can't run the country with just a small circle of ultra-loyal advisors. He's lied more than Nixon, which is really saying something.

What do his supporters think of all this? When do they have buyer's remorse? When will they realize that he lied to all of them too?

tick, tick, tick...

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