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Author: TriSec    Date: 02/18/2017 13:37:20

Good Morning!

TriSec has been out of a full-time job 29 days this morning.

Surprisingly enough, I'm not awash in crisis. Back in 2008 when this happened last, I was the sole breadwinner in this household; everything, including insurance, was through me.

But thanks to the ensuing 8 years, we've had many changes in lifestyle. When Mrs. TriSec went back to work at Tufts Health Plan, we determined that the insurance was less expensive through her shop, so we switched. (Thanks, Obama!)

Despite going on a major vacation last year - we planned ahead for that one and paid for that cash on the barrelhead, so our savings and "rainy day fund" were not touched.

But what I noticed the other night, and it actually struck me hard - I don't drink nearly as much as I used to. It's true; I was driving past my favourite packie, and I realized that I haven't been there in weeks. I'd normally be looking for vodka or gin about every 10 days or so. I have nearly full bottles of all these things in my cabinet right now, although I've been sipping a bit more bourbon in turn. But that bottle is still about half-full, too.

Five years ago when I got into Fallon Health, it was a great relief. As I said at the time, I couldn't have turned down that job if it was in Springfield. (you could look at a map.) Four of the last five years were great - everything was running smoothly, and we were doing great things. But then my director left for greener pastures, and typical of EDI, nobody knew what to do with us.

The department we landed under was run by a pleasant enough lady, but she had no clue what EDI was or how it worked, and all the things she obsessed upon were counter to what we normally did. It became fresh hell very quickly.

In any case, Inauguration Day came, and my job went, but ever since then it's almost felt like a tremendous weight has lifted. I hadn't been happy there in a year, but it's only now in hindsight that I realize just how unhappy it had become.

Advice? I don't know that I have any from this experience - but know this...don't be afraid to take that leap, even if you're not certain you have a place to land. I saw a pithy saying briefly on the internet, and maybe it's good for this. "You should jump at opportunities as quickly as you jump to conclusions".

I'm nearly full-time at the store, waiting to hear back on an Outdoor School opportunity, and I'm driving for Uber now (which has been going quite well). I might just be able to make this work.

As the fictional character Arthur said once - "I get drunk, I race cars, and I fondle women. But I have weekends off, and I am my own boss."

It's a better life than you would think.


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