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Most of these are not my words, Some are.
Author: Raine    Date: 03/22/2017 16:54:35

The following is a thread from a person I follow on twitter. Here is the thread. Please stay to the end for my words.

(OSINT: Open Source Intelligence)

Link to tweet referenced:

(DIRCIA:Director CIA)

vv this tweet is important going forward vv

When I was watching the hearing on Monday, Nunes practically begged Comey to investigate Clinton. Nunes did indeed try to defend Trump during that hearing, I noted it in our TUTN Chat. You can see it here where Nunes interrupts Rep. Crawfords line of questioning (which was to allude that the GOP Party Platform had not become more Pro-Russian, in spite of evidence to the contrary) to not only deny the GOP party platform changing, he is pleading for the FBI to understand that none of it was valid.

So in light of the twitter thread above, Representative Nunes, Right in the middle of this hearing, was trying to influence the FBI investigation of the Trump campaign Ties to Russia.

It's only Wednesday.






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