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Author: velveeta jones    Date: 04/23/2017 14:11:41

What's happening to all the good white male Pussy Grabbers; the PGers? Something or someone is making their lives miserable. Let's take a look at 3 very famous ones:

Donald Trump, a man who is decent enough to start his assault with a Tic-Tac in his mouth to ward off bad breath, is about to have his first 100 days in office and people are attacking him. Fake news is out there saying that he's not accomplished very much; but lets be clear, its not his fault. Between haters like Maxine Waters and all these people marching almost daily about this-or-that trivial issue (yesterday it was science) he just can't get a break and get stuff done. It's only when he and his entourage jet off to his private club and home in Mar-a-Largo can he get important matters off his plate. Literally.

And if you want an audience with the President - maybe to have him famously grab your pussy - it's easy, just pay him $200,000 to join his private club and you can enjoy that delicious large chocolate cake, play golf and smell Donalds Tic-Tac and old man cologne right in your face.

For the sake of Alex Jones' children I won't talk about the way Alex likes to strip off his clothes and scream loudly about how manly he is. Nor will I mention that what he said after the Trump PG tape came out:
when you’re a celebrity, women throw themselves at you. A woman climbing on top of you is not sexual assault, that’s what mammals do.

So leaving that aside, I'll just mention that Alex is having a difficult time with one woman in general, his ex-wife. Last night he sent out a statement begging the press to be "respectful and responsible" and reminding us that this is a private matter. But, as a loyal InfoWars listener I know that this statement is just a false flag.


Or, perhaps Alex is being held against his will! Let's re-read that last sentence; a "gag order", "holding my responses". Oh NO! Some lefty terrorist group has kidnapped Alex Jones and is holding him against his will! Normally I'd tell everyone to get their guns and help me hunt for him, but I know that Pussy Grabber and manly-man Alex can snake his way out of this mess and soon he'll be his old self and talking about gay frogs, amnesia inducing bowls of chili and the fakery of the acting abilities of the Sandy Hook child actors.

When you're a white, Christian (" ") American man, you are entitled to certain things: voting, not being pulled over while driving, calling golf a 'sport' and of course, grabbing all the pussy you want and deserve. No one deserves it more than Bill O'Reilly. He works damn hard telling Americans how bad things were under Obama. And grabbing the P is relaxing whether done with a Loofah or any other vaguely sounding Arab product. Sadly, today's women don't want to accommodate Mr. O'Reilly in his well deserved needs, instead they are all in it for the money and fame. They swoon over the pussy grabbing and his delightful and fanciful dirty talk, then complain to management for a large financial pay-out. They use a famous liberal lawyer to increase their fame and fortune.

Now, poor Mr. O'Reilly has lost his job, albeit with a HUGE pay-out himself. No longer will the women at Fox News get to hear how he'll gently tease and caress their pussy with the "falafel thing" that he holds while standing behind them in the shower.

It's a sad day in America for white men. I think we can all blame Obama for this.





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