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The Tipping Point
Author: BobR    Date: 05/11/2017 13:23:33

Everyday, as a new fresh hell is brought upon us by this administration, we ask ourselves "when will somebody do something?" There have been SO many scandals that would have brought down any other administration (or prevented it from occurring in the first place). Bill Clinton used to be known for not letting various news stories affect his popularity. pResident tRump isn't popular, but he seems to have made the Congress and other governmental agencies impotent.

It's nearly impossible to predict, but there is always that tipping point when the fulcrum is breached and the downward slide begins - slowly, at first, almost imperceptible, but then gaining speed as the parabolic curve is traversed. This is what those who play the stock market (especially those who sell short) gamble on.

In the case of this administration, I believe we are at that point. With the firing of Comey, it is impossible to assume anything other than he knows he's guilty and is trying to protect himself. That he has no concept of how government works is our only saviour and will lead to his downfall. He has created legions of enemies with his every ham-handed move, and this time it is among those who wear a badge.

There are some who have rightly compared these actions to the beginnings of the Nazi regime, who chipped away at those who opposed them until Hitler had complete power. I think that comparison is apt. However, we have a unique system of government, and tRump is nowhere the brilliance of Hitler. To me, this is more akin to Hitler in his bunker, desperate to maintain power, as his world implodes around him, lashing out at his inner circle, unable to stop the forces closing in to bring him to justice.

Perhaps that's me being optimistic, but I don't think so. I think the firing of Comey - the man who very likely helped him get elected - with the lame rationale that he bungled the Clinton investigation, is the last straw. The usual suspects supporting him (McConnell, et al) don't even believe what they are saying (more so than usual), and it's pretty obvious.

The indictments have already been written - there is no stopping the arrests and court cases to come. The firing may accelerate those actions - not retard them. The train of justice has crested the hill, and is about to go steaming down the other side, taking this administration with it into the abyss.


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