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Blame of Tones
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 07/23/2017 17:10:17

What the heck is going on with all this FAKE NEWS?

It's gotten to be a problem that is slowing down the progress that our Republican leaders are trying to achieve. Poor Sean Spicer had to take an arrow for the king and let a younger, stronger fighter take his place. Meanwhile, Lady Sanders of House Huckabee donned her Lord of Light flame red Mu-Mu, her fake eye lashes and her saucy attitude and faced the enemy (aka media) head on. May the many Gods bless her!

And you know who is to blame for nothing getting done, right? The DEMOCRATS. Yes, I know what you're thinking, the republicans are in charge in the White House, the House and the Senate but the DEMS have a weapon that is stronger than a burning pit of wildfire and it is: the media. While they control the press they can make the masses believe anything:
    people will lose health insurance if they take away ACA

    President Trump spoke privately with Putin twice

    Don Jr's meeting with Russian's who have ties to Putin was nefarious

    Jared Kushner is being investigated

This are just some of the things that the DEMS want you to believe. No wonder President Trump wants to give himself and his family a pardon; and he really should. This is the best way to deflect the damage that the media is doing.

Our new Master of Whisperers, Anthony "Mooch" Scaramucci believe it's best to forget the past and move forward with new and cleaner information which is why he's taken a broad sword to his Twitter account. And why shouldn't he? When you're a member of the Kings inner council you can do what you want.

So here we are, winter is coming and we are at war on all sides: the cheating, lying DEMS to the East of us, the MSM to the West and zombie snowflakes climbing over the wall from the North. Put on your armor, grab your best weapons and strongest horse (doesn't matter, the horses always fall over anyway) and just thank the heavens that there are no dragons, yet.

If you're a cripple, a child under 6 or an imbecile you can still help this war effort by tweeting and/or otherwise calling out the MSM for what they are, FAKE, and letting them know that the tone of their "news" is wrong; only good things should be said about our President. Comment on his superior strength, his charming wit, his intelligence and deal-making skills. His virility of course, his manly sex appeal to the ladies and his great vocabulary. These are the things the media, especially the New York Times and Washington Post, who have been so mean, should be focusing on. They must repent and pray to the Seven otherwise, we shall make them walk through the streets naked with heads shaved as peasants peer down upon them and throw feces and rotting Dominos pizza at them. They must show respect and loyalty to our President: Trump, First of His Name.

Speaking of loyalty, those who are not loyal - and you know that I refer to the Master of Laws, Jeff Sessions - should immediately resign. He will be given a small homestead and Lordship somewhere in the realm of Alabama that he can rule. But he should never have taken the job if he wasn't going to stand by our great leader Donald J. Trump. Everyone should take a page from those honest and loyal council members like The Hand of the President, Mike Pence; The Master of Coin, Mick Mulvaney or The Commander of the Presidentsguard, Steve Bannon, all whose loyalty is without question.

The DEMS and FAKE NEWS are the enemy, and we must win at any cost. Let me sum up how desperate and horrible this war is, using the brilliant words of Donald Trump, First of His Name, Lord of the United States, Ruler of the Americans and The First Men, Protector of the Realms:








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