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In the Bunker
Author: BobR    Date: 08/17/2017 13:46:38

We all know what happened this past weekend. You'd have to be living under a rock to not know a basket of deplorables showed up in Charlottesville, VA this past weekend to protest the removal of a confederate statue. Things got ugly; with Nazis and KKK and White Supremacists - oh my! - it's certainly not surprising. What should be surprising (but - sadly - isn't), is how our supposed "president" handled it.

You could've gotten whiplash listening to his comments on three successive days. First was the "both sides are to blame" non-condemnation. Next came the specific calling out of Nazis. Finally, he finished with "good people on both sides". Good people on the Nazi side? Really?

His inability to strongly condemn hate groups has caused a landslide reaction. What started with Merck leaving the White House Business Councils transitioned to a mass exodus. The council effectively ceased to exist, leaving tRump no alternative but to disband them and then claim credit. Republicans in Congress are likely paying very close attention, since "corporate" is the Republican brand.

He's not getting much love over at FOX "News" either. Even conservative stalwart Charles Krauthammer is disgusted. Shep Smith wanted to get a Republican on to defend tRump's comments, but couldn't find a single one willing to do so.

Like Hitler in the bunker, he's counting on his troops to help him out. They too are finding out that public displays of hate have consequences. The Daily Stormer (I'm not going to provide a link) has been hit on multiple sides. Their website has been taken down:

Twitter has shut down the website's accounts. And PayPal is shutting down accounts tied to any hate group. They can't get their message out or raise funds. They will likely find a way to get around it, but they will have to go back underground to do so.

The groups and their members are having other troubles as well. Radio host Dean Obeidallah is suing The Daily Stormer for posting fake tweets linking him to the Ariana Grande concert bombing. Attendees and speakers for the rally have been finding themselves unemployeed. Hell - even their own DNA is betraying them.

tRump is seeing his circle shrinking, and there's no one left to bail him out - no one left wants to bail him out anymore. The Executive Branch is sputtering along on a skeleton crew, and there's little chance of that changing. Mueller is still circling like a buzzard waiting for a wounded animal to die. Not even time is on tRump's side at this point.

tick... tick... tick...


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