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Only in Boston.
Author: TriSec    Date: 09/02/2017 12:32:59

Well, happy Labor Day weekend.

As I posted on the book of face this morning, "How does the weather know what page we just tore off the calendar?"

Mere days ago, it was 85 degrees here in my fair city. September 1 (yesterday) barely reached 70, and this morning is colder still. I mean really, what the fuck??

It's move-in weekend here in Boston. We're expecting over a quarter-million young college kids settling in over the next few days, an event so steeped in local lore that it's called Allston Christmas.


We also have a curious annual event here called the "Wedging of the Truck". Each move-in season, at least one, and often many more moving trucks, get crossed up driving into Boston and end up on the pleasant commuter parkway known as Storrow Drive.


I myself drive on this virtually every day, but my vehicle can fit under a clearance of less than 5 feet in a pinch. Moving trucks, not so much. Coming from my part of town, near the exits for the Massachusetts Turnpike, there's not one, but two ten-foot underpasses. We had a "double-wedgie" yesterday during the morning rush hour. A car broke down, and they inexplicably sent a flatbed; he promptly got stuck under the BU Bridge. A moving van followed him and did the same, then four more cars piled it in in the ensuing backup. Good times for sure!

Of course, we're not the only ones - the famous "11 foot 8" bridge near the campus of Duke University has had it's share of fun as well.

But I used to work near this one in Dedham. I've seen trucks get stuck under there with my own eyes. Sometimes it is entertaining, but most days it sucks. Let's be careful out there.


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