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This is still not normal
Author: Raine    Date: 09/14/2017 13:05:25

Waking up this morning we all heard that 45 may have struck a deal with Minority leaders Pelosi and Schumer. The deal was about #DACA and the over 690,000 people who are known as Dreamers. I wrote about that last week.

Last week Pelosi and Schumer managed to get 45 to agree about raising the debt ceiling, thus avoiding a government shutdown for a few more months and an aide package for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

It had to be done.

It's still not normal. Some Republicans are apoplectic. Others are acting like this is the pivot that we have been promised for over a year.
And in between those posts, there was a flurry of fuming calls and text messages — a blaring political fire alarm among Trump’s diehard supporters.

“The reality is sinking in that Trump administration is on the precipice of turning into an establishment presidency,” Sam Nunberg, a former Trump campaign adviser, said in an interview early Thursday morning. (snip)

“If AP is correct, Trump base is blown up, destroyed, irreparable, and disillusioned beyond repair,” King tweeted, referencing an Associated Press story on the bipartisan agreement.

He added, “No promise is credible.” (snip)

Breitbart News, the conservative website now run by former White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon, quickly became a gathering place for aggrieved Trump backers. Readers congregated by the thousands in the comments section for an article with a bright red headline: “Amnesty Don.” (snip)

“My sense is that he told Chuck and Nancy what they wanted to hear, and they heard what they wanted to hear. I think there could be some mischief-making on the part of Schumer since the White House is walking it back,” said Mark Krikorian, an immigration hard-liner who runs the Center for Immigration Studies, in an interview.

Meanwhile, Fox News host Sean Hannity, who is in regular contact with Trump, directed his ire over the developments not at the president but at GOP leaders on Capitol Hill.

As for the Dems, they are getting on with the act of actual governance in spite of this wildly erratic and untrustworthy resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. And Mr. Krikorian could very well be correct about 45 making mischief. I cannot stress it enough, this is still not normal.

The reality is that we need government to work for people instead of against people and I view Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer as the people who not only know how to govern, they also know how to use politics to get things done. He's still a scorpion, but our leaders understand the science of how to deal with him. They are not the Frogs in this fable. Pepe is, truth be told.
Trump’s conservative critics, however, said his latest gestures reflect his liberal instincts on some issues and his intense desire for popularity.

“He’s always had that itch to liberate himself from the Republican Party,” said William Kristol, a Trump critic and editor at large of the Weekly Standard magazine. “He ran against it in 2015 and 2016, and has attacked it in 2017. He wants to win and doesn’t care about the substance of winning.”

Kristol added, “Democratic voters may loathe Trump, but he could conceivably give them lots of policy victories.”

Democrats say they are focused only on working with the president on areas where they believe they can get what they want in terms of their priorities, including protections for the dreamers and federal health-care subsidies for Obamacare. They have vowed not to trade dreamer protections for Trump’s long-promised wall at the southern border — and in recent days the White House has indicated the two issues do not have to be linked.

On other issues and with this president, many Democrats remain wary.

Donnelly, despite being wooed by Trump and up for reelection next year, said he feels no pressure to vote for the Republican tax plan if he thinks it’s a bad deal.

“If the tax package makes sense, I’ll support,” Donnelly said. “If not, I’ll pass.”

Coming from a dysfunctional upbringing, the one thing I had to learn is how to survive and be happy knowing I couldn't change the dysfunction around me; that is what the Dems have figured out.

While the GOP continues to forget how to run the government, The Dems walked into the White House and appear to be getting the very basic things that need to get done, done. Texas, Louisiana, and Florida need desperate help. It is looking like Georgia is going to need help as well. The government needs to be funded and we need to keep our promises to the Dreamers. These are American things that we do, we help the people who live here in this nation. One party is making sure that gets done, even if it means dealing with malignant abnormalities.

Keep up the resistance, keep calling and don't blink. None of this would be happening if it weren't for the resistance.



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