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Author: velveeta jones    Date: 10/15/2017 16:38:15

The 2017 Values Voter Summit is under way and your own Velveeta Jones is here to report on this very important conference. In case you don’t know what the VVS is all about; the title of the event say it all, it’s where the people who have a fervent and persuasive moral compass come together to discuss how we can make America a better place for those that deserve it.

This year’s lineup of speakers is incredible! The President of the United States, no less, spoke along with other great civic minded thinkers like, Laura Ingraham (radio show host), Phil Robertson (reality celeb), Kirk Cameron (one time child actor), Dana Loesch (author with almost one million twitter followers), Steve Bannon (former White House Chief of Staff) and many more. In years past they’ve invited a few black people, but I guess they forgot for 2017.

The summit this year focused on getting rid of the “Establishment” republicans, those that get in the way of the real agenda. People like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee for example as well as those that are now outside of Washington and are truly on the side of the establishment like the Sarah Palin’s and Joe Walsh’s of the world. Of course, the biggest impediment is that slow-moving Mitch McConnell who may as well put a ‘D’ after his name. Mr. Bannon said it best when he said, “Right now is a season of war against a GOP establishment”. He went on to draw the line when he said:

Up on Capitol Hill, it's like the Ides of March. They're just looking to find out who is going to be Brutus to your Julius Caesar. We've cut your oxygen off, Mitch.

It’s all so exciting that I will admit to feeling tingly all over my body when he said this! But you know, men like Steve Bannon can do that. I’m looking forward to this war; because as with all wars it will be long and it will be hard, but someone will prevail. The first casualty will be republican Senator Bob Corker of TN for his insulting twitter tweet. How low-class and discourteous to use a public forum such as Twitter to attack the dignity of the President. We should all be appalled.

President Trump is the first sitting president to attend the Values Voter Summit and he should give himself an award for going. I’m thinking Medal of Honor, but he should decide. The President spoke powerfully and resolutely on the importance of having only Christians elected to office, as is mentioned many times in our Constitution. He also promised us that we’d only be saying “Merry Christmas” during the Christmas season.

We know that it's the family and the church — not government officials — who know best how to create strong and loving communities. We are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values.

The applause was so thunderous that I believe I may have hearing damage. How great is this president?

The Values Voter Summit is a place where people who have no moral turpitude, like Harvey Weinstein, should NEVER show up; only people with exceedingly high morals and ethics need apply. And we - the voters - must focus on those that we want to vote into office. Men and a few women who have staunch Christian values and believe in republican ethics like normal marriage only. People like Mike Pence, who won’t even sit at a football game if you insult our flag or sit at a table with another woman who's not his wife.



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