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Professional Liars
Author: BobR    Date: 11/02/2017 13:07:11

On Monday, the news broke that Paul Manafort and Richard Gates III had been indicted for a whole bevy of crimes, including what is essentially treason. A bit later we learned that George Papadopoulos had been arrested a while back, but was just now announcing a plea deal. The general consensus is that during the interim, he was wearing a wire to help Mueller gather evidence in exchange for the plea deal.

Naturally, the White House was gobstruck, and tried to deny and deflect with whatever they could. Of course, this incorporated Hillary Clinton, and calling Papadopoulos a "liar". The presser conducted by the always reliable Sarah Huckleberry Sanders was a demonstration on how much bigger a liar the tRump "Administration" is. The following is a Twitter thread by Seth Abramson, starting with the tweet below. I've copied it verbatim, and only formatted for clarity. I take no credit for what follows; this is ALL Seth Abramson...

  • Trump has no intention or plan to fire Mueller. FALSE. Trump told the NYT that if Mueller crosses a certain "red line" he could be fired.

  • The charges and plea announced today had "nothing to do with the President's campaign or campaign activity." FALSE. And here's why: Manafort lied to the FBI *while Trump's Campaign Manager* and used his illegally gotten, Putin-linked funds to work for Trump "for free." So Trump was the direct beneficiary—to the tune of saving *many millions* in consulting fees—of the fact Manafort got money from Russia. All Papadopoulos' lies—which he's plead to—involved high-ranking Trump officials, Trump campaign activity, and protecting Trump himself.

  • "There's clear evidence" Clinton colluded with Russian intelligence. FALSE. This is false on almost too many grounds to mention. A start:

    • Clinton's camp *continued* payments started by *Republicans* to a firm that contracted with *another* firm whose sources were *non-FSB*.

    • The dossier "influenced" the election. FALSE. Barring 1 article, the dossier wasn't reported on in any significant way until January '17.

    • The dossier "smears" the President. FALSE. Every piece of information in the dossier that can be confirmed so far *has* been confirmed. Clinton's camp didn't know what research they would receive and had nothing to do with its collection. And—the FBI believes the dossier.

  • There's been no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. FALSE. Not only is the Papadopoulos plea a smoking gun—Sessions' perjuries were too. Indeed—both the ongoing secret sanctions negotiations between Trump and Russia and the GOP platform change were the result of collusion.

  • Papadopoulos is in trouble only for not telling the truth. FALSE. The WH implies the underlying activities were all okay. They were not. Papadopoulos plead to Making False Statements so that he *wouldn't* have to plead to greater charges and *could* cooperate with the FBI.

  • There's no "official capacity" in which the campaign was involved with Papadopoulos' acts. FALSE—his actions were *campaign-sanctioned*.

  • The Manafort/Gates indictments deal with crimes in a time "well before" the Trump campaign existed. FALSE. Both were ongoing in 2015.

  • Papadopoulos had a "limited" campaign role. FALSE. He was a top adviser and a primary liaison to other nations on Trump's Russia policy. Papadopoulos went overseas for Trump and was one of the *only* NatSec team members kept on when the team disbanded in late July of 2016. Papadopoulos was giving interviews on Trump's Russia policy to Russian media as late—possibly later—than *late September of 2016*. All told, George Papadopoulos worked for Trump for *at least* seven months of the eleven-month campaign primary/general "voting" season.

  • Papadopoulos' outreach on the Kremlin's behalf was "repeatedly denied." FALSE. At all turns he was openly, clearly encouraged by emails.

  • Papadopoulos had no role in extra-campaign outreach. FALSE—he went to Israel for Trump, talked to Russian media for Trump and much else. And of course we know from his sworn plea docs that "high-ranking campaign officials" authorized him to speak to (other) Kremlin agents.

  • "We expect Mueller to conclude his work soon." FALSE. Recent articles confirm Trump and his lawyers are battening down for a long haul.

  • Sanders says Trump's last Manafort contact was in February. TRUE/FALSE? In this case it doesn't matter—because it's damning. Here's why:
    We were told Manafort called Priebus just before the inauguration—to urge Trump to release dirt on HRC—because he couldn't access Trump. The campaign wanted to distance Trump from Manafort *and the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting* by saying Manafort *could not access* Trump. Today Sanders inadvertently revealed that Manafort was still able to talk to Trump—and we know his subject was "HRC dirt"—in *February*.

  • Sanders now says that Donald Trump can't recall *anything* about his March 31st, 2016 meeting at Trump International Hotel in DC. FALSE.

Check out his Twitter feed and toss a few coins his way.


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