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Trickle Down Wins Again!
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 11/19/2017 18:20:19

Thank God for republicans! Otherwise, we'd be stuck with this current tax nightmare which often takes 3-5 pages of papers to fill out. With our new simplified plan put out by President Trump, it'll all fit on a small post-card. That's progress!

Here's a brief synopsis of how the new tax plan will work. As you're aware, the bill would repeal the individual Alternative Minimum Tax — which primarily affects households with incomes from $200,000 to $1 million — and would maintain preferential rates for investment income. It would also repeal the estate tax after six years, in the meantime doubling the amount of inherited wealth that is exempt from the tax to $11 million from $5.5 million. This is great news for everyone! Between removal of the "death tax" which penalizes people for dying, and the rates for our investment income which would be much so much more fair, it's a win-win for almost everyone.

Of course, corporations will get the biggest breaks, thus insuring that they will be creating more jobs for those people who want to get a second, third or even fourth job. They'll be plenty of jobs; jobs in shoveling coal (of course), drilling oil, babysitting jobs and making frames for elephant trophies jobs.

The corporate tax rate will go from 35 percent soaring down to 20 percent. Some group will have to make up for this loss and Trump and the GOP plan to get that money from the people that pay the least in taxes. It's brilliant really, people at the bottom already pay so little, why not pay a bit more? And since there's so many of them, it will easily help offset corporations that need a break.

In other news, why aren't we investigating Hillary Clinton? It's past time! If only Jeff Sessions could recall his day to day doings, perhaps he'd be able to find time to hire someone to do this job. There's a clear case to investigate her many, many wrongdoings as Rep. Louie Gohmert recently outlined in this amazing chart:


This easy-to-read chart tells you everything you need to know about the evil Obama administration and his minions Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Eric Holder and the rest of the gang. Looking at the chart, things get really clear and one can see all the secret ties to Russia and the Uranium deal. Notice that Hillary Clinton has ties to Bill Clinton and that the "Tarmac meeting" goes through Loretta Lynch to unmasking scandal. How much more evidence do you need!?

So, I think it'd be nice if we took up a collection to hire a personal secretary for the very busy Jeff Sessions. He is the one that can begin the investigation and he is clearly over-worked.



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