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A Tangled Web
Author: Raine    Date: 12/04/2017 13:49:14

First, there was a lie. Then there was a lie about the lie.

Then Lawyers were brought in to protect the liar who told the lie. Then the lawyer told a lie to cover up the lie about the lie. After that, the lawyer lied about his lie about the lie that the liar told.

Let's go back to the lie about the lie before the lawyer lied about the liar. There was an Attorney General who warned the liar not to lie. and then she was fired. After the lie about the lie was told, the Liar fired the Head of the FBI.

And here we are:

Trump lawyer says president knew Flynn had given FBI the same account he gave to vice president
Dowd confirmed Sunday that he had drafted the tweet for Trump and acknowledged that it was sloppily worded. He said it was inaccurate to say the president was told that Flynn had lied to the FBI. Dowd said Sunday that Trump knew only what acting attorney general Sally Yates had told the White House counsel: that Flynn’s accounts to the agents interviewing him were the same as those Flynn gave Pence, and “that the [Justice] Department was not accusing him of lying.”


A person close to the White House involved in the case termed the Saturday tweet “a screw-up of historic proportions” that has “caused enormous consternation in the White House.”

The person, who, like others, spoke on the condition of anonymity to speak candidly, said that White House officials quickly realized the tweet could significantly assist Mueller if he chooses to pursue an obstruction case. The development sparked particular concern because others around Trump weren’t certain that Trump knew Flynn had made a false statement to the FBI at the time he fired him, the person added.


She also told McGahn that Flynn had been interviewed by the FBI two days before, the officials said. When McGahn asked her how he did in the interview, Yates did not respond, according to the officials who spoke to The Post. She later testified the same thing at a Senate hearing in May.

“Mr. McGahn asked me how he did, and I declined to give him an answer to that,” Yates said at the hearing.

The lawyer representing the Liar that told the first lie has arguably committed malpractice and opened himself up to being a witness in the investigation, all to protect the lies. I found this link in the comments section (I know, right?) There are a few choice posters who read WaPo who are really smart.
The privilege may be waived (expressly or impliedly), by the client or by her attorney. Voluntary disclosure will waive the privilege, as will invocation of the otherwise-privileged communication by the client or her lawyer. If the lawyer waives privilege negligently she may be civilly liable to her client and also subject to professional responsibility (for incompetence).

And so, our week begins. Buckle up!



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