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Desperate Times
Author: BobR    Date: 12/07/2017 15:10:28

Desperation makes people (or groups) do desperate things. The GOP - despite controlling the House, Senate, and Executive branch - sense that their window of opportunity is limited, due to their gross incompetence and galling self-interest. They can't help themselves in that latter aspect, but they're not even being remotely clever about it.

With tRump, they have the equivalent of that drunk rowdy friend who does all the outrageous things that make their own transgressions look tame by comparison. With the Mueller investigation already bearing fruit (and the revelation that he's subpoenaed tRump's financial records from money-laundering Deutche Bank), the writing is on the wall. By mid 2018, we could have an appointed president (ala Gerald Ford), and that's a scary unknown for the Republicans.

It's too late of course, but Republicans are attempting to reign in Mueller, by trying to taint his organically growing investigation as partisan. If they can discredit it enough, they can label it "fake news", even if tRump is led away in shackles. They have only their precursors to blame, of course, as Clinton's Whitewater investigation turned into a tawdry sex scandal with an intern.

Part of that strategy is calling out isolated incidents of potential political bias by members of the FBI or Judiciary. Facts are facts, however, regardless of the motivations for uncovering and documenting them, and cannot be ignored by the investigators once found. Was Kenneth Star unbiased? We all know the answer to that one.

Knowing that they could lose the AL seat due to Roy Moore's penchant for peccadilloes with pubescents (as well as a potential tidal wave of blowback in the 2018 elections), they are desperately trying to push out as many Dems from Congress as possible, using our own morality against us. Not every hug is a sexual predatory act, people. We all have our ways of showing affection, some more demonstrative than others.

Meanwhile in the House, nearly 60 Dems tried to get a vote on articles of impeachment for tRump. It was voted down by every Republican and most of the Dems (including Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer). I kind of agree that it's a bit premature - better to wait until Mueller's investigation is complete. Why?

1) Best to wait for an ironclad case, with crimes documented that might mean jail time
2) An impeachment hearing might put pressure on Mueller to end the investigation
3) The longer the investigation goes on, the more likely it is that more people will get dragged under.

Knowing this, you'd think the Republicans would be willing to cut tRump loose to save themselves. Cornered desperate animals, however, don't always think about the best strategy - they just react savagely.


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