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So Long 2017 - Hello 2018
Author: BobR    Date: 12/28/2017 15:06:06

We are just a few days away from closing the book on 2017, and ushering in a new year. Sure - it seems like a rather arbitrary way to demarcate a trip around the sun. Why not make the winter solstice the end of the year? I'm not going to devolve into a history lesson on our calendar, but let's just say that - like our insane medical insurance "system" - it's a result of path dependency.

I am going to avoid the temptation to make lists of events from this past year or make bold predictions for the year ahead. There are plenty of those out there already.

Personally, the year has been a mixed bag for me. In January, tRump was sworn in as president. From a political and an "I love my country" perspective, it was the low point of my life (worse than Reagan or the Bushes). That same day, however, we were in Middleton, TN rescuing Roy, growing our happy little family to 3 dogs and 1 cat (oh - and two humans).

The very next day was the Women's March here in DC, and that was the catharsis we all needed, a palette-cleanser after an ugly campaign season, and hope after dying hope that something - something - would transpire to keep him from taking office.

The rest of the year has been a blur. The revolving door on the White House personnel dept has seen appointments made and resignations tendered. They are on their 3rd mouthpiece, and only tRump and Pence remain from the original inner circle. We've seen plenty of allegations against tRump and his crime family, and indictments served (and a plea deal reached). Pretty astounding stuff for only 11 months in office.

We know that Mueller (and the rest of his team) have plenty of cards left that they haven't yet put on the table. There is always lingering the ever-present threat that tRump may fire Mueller, but the investigation will continue - the collected evidence won't just disappear into thin air.

That's why I am looking forward to more legal action from Mueller's team, action which should result in tRump's removal from office (either voluntarily or by force). Those hoping for a wholesale sweep of tRump, Pence, and Ryan are dreaming. What we'll end up with is an appointed president (ala Gerald Ford) who will stand no chance of election in 2020.

I am also hoping to see a repeat of the 2017 elections, where Democrats swept incumbent Republicans out in a wave of disgust against tRump and his mindset. I want to see a complete repudiation of bigotry and ugly behavior.

Here's hoping that 2018 results in a modicum of dignity being restored to our body politic.

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