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Mr. Irish
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 03/18/2018 16:38:37

Paul Ryan is the speaker of the House and a huge supporter of everything President Trump does, and for that we should all be proud. One thing that Mr. Ryan no longer has to put up with is complain about policies and opinions of the Kenyan. With Trump, there's nothing to worry about, everything is going swell.

For example, over the past few weeks there were rumors that the president wanted to fire people. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI's Andrew McCabe were all put forth as possible sacrifices with some even speculating that Betsy DeVos and Ben Carson might be added to the mix. Now, Democrats are whining that there's "chaos" in the White House, but Mr. Ryan has said not a word. And why should he? This is all part of "Swamp Draining". Okay, I know what you are asking yourselves, most of these people were hired by Trump so how is that swamp draining? Well, Donald Trump can make the swamp and drain it because it's his swamp. He ran the Trump Organization as smoothly and efficiently as a baby monkey on a tricycle. Selling everything from Real Estate to Steaks to Wine to Magazines to collectable figurines of popular cartoon candy spokesmodels. Oh, and least we forget the very famous Miss Teen and USA and Universe pageants which would be filled with non-white women if it weren't for Donald J. Trump and his organization (him).

So, while Donald Trump was firing people who were getting too close to his presidential business and/or calling him a "fucking moron" Paul Ryan was doing his best "shut up and talk about St. Patricks Day".

Paul Ryan is a team player. As Mueller gets closer to finding his obstruction crimes or his collusion crimes or whatever alleged crimes he's wasting his time on, Paul Ryan is standing firm in his utter conviction of not getting involved. It's Party before Country with him and with all the good people of the right side of America.

Speaker Ryan spent this week with the President and VP with his "Friends of Ireland" whatcha-ma-call it group. Though he did have time to tweet a complaint about Obama this week:

Pleased that the Obama administration’s fiduciary rule has been struck down by the courts. It was Obamacare for financial planners. This is more good news for the economy.


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