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Survivors are Still Victims
Author: BobR    Date: 2018-03-29 13:04:18

So I was going to write a blog about how the kids from Parkland - despite being "survivors" are still "victims" and should be considered as such. However, Heidi Hollen (friend and fellow Resistor Sister to Raine) posted this on Facebook, and pretty much summarized everything I was going to write:

Since the March for our Lives, those against comprehensive gun control have done or said the following:

  • Shared a photoshopped picture of Emma Gonzalez ripping up the constitution (she's actually ripping up a target)

  • Shared a photoshopped picture of Emma Gonzalez using an umbrella to vandalize a car (it's actually Brittany Spears after her break up with Kevin Federline)

  • Attacked Emma Gonzalez because she dared wear a jacket with a patch of the Cuban flag on the sleeve (she is Cuban, for fucks sake)

  • Showing a picture of David Hogg with his fist in the air alongside a picture of Hitler doing the Nazi salute (because that's the same)

  • These kids are paid actors (literally too stupid to respond)

  • David Hogg's father is a former FBI agent, which proves this is an Obama/Hillary/Soros deep state conspiracy to take all the guns. (This dumbfuckery is exactly why I don't want mouth breathers who believe such drivel to have access to firearms.)

  • Believe that these kids are being paid by George Soros (still awaiting my check from him for prior protesting) Also, how much money does this guy have in reality? Paying every protester since 2012 must mean he's close to bankruptcy at this point, right?

  • Believing that these kids are being manipulated by adults (these kids lost friends and classmates, at least two were severely injured, one laid under a dead classmate, another in the blood of a dead classmate, but yeah, adults MADE them protest)

  • Not understanding why these kids were marching (um....it was actually in the name, you window licking doodlefuck. March FOR our Lives cannot be more obvious.

I'm sure I've missed some of the retorts to Saturday's march. Ask yourself why the other side in this issue needs to lie and dig up the most tin foil hat wearing conspiracies in an attempt to counteract their message.

(note: edited for formatting and spelling)

Big Kudos to Heidi for helping summarize the disgusting depths to which the gun industry lobbyists and arms-over-kids extremists will go to maintain their investments.

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