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Schooling the Teachers
Author: BobR    Date: 04/05/2018 14:14:12

Yesterday, the last wounded victim of the Parkland school shooting left the hospital to go home. He has been lauded as a hero for using his body to block a door, likely saving many of his classmates' lives, and inccuring 5 bullet wounds in the process. He is an immigrant from Venezuela.

Back in Dec 2012, the Sandy Hook school shooting horrified a nation. Twenty children and six school employees were killed. Of those staffers killed, some were protecting the children and lost their own lives doing so.

In between these events, as well as since the Parkland shoot, there have been discussions about how to protect the children in our schools. Various ideas, such as clear backpacks, armed guards, metal detectors, and even arming teachers and staff have been tossed around. All but the first idea would cost money - in some cases a substantial amount. We want our teachers to teach our kids the basics, not teach them controversal topics, and protect them with their lives. What we apparently don't want to do is pay them a living wage.

In one of the poorer neighborhoods in DC, teachers staged a walk-out strike yesterday morning because - and this is the truth - the "cafeteria was flooded, and none of the toilets worked".

Teachers in Oklahoma are protesting, describing how they'd have to be on food stamps if they didn't work a second job. Meanwhile, some douche state house representative in Oklahoma is claiming that 25% of the protesters are paid actors bussed in from Chicago. Maybe THAT could be a second job for these teachers. I suppose making up irrelevant "facts" about the protesters to deflect from the real issue is also easier than actually paying them a living wage.

The teachers DID get a raise last week, but it was too little, and - frankly - too late. Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin describes the teachers as being like "a teenage kid that wants a better car". Those spoiled teachers - they want to teach AND not have to work a second job AND not have to be on food stamps. They want to live in the lap of luxury, per Gov. Fallin.

To drive the point home, the teachers are posting pictures of their ragged textbooks, and crumbling furniture.

It's almost as if the state expects them to buy those too, along with the school supplies they are already paying for out of their meager salaries.

But hey - let's allocate more funds for schools - to buy guns for the teachers... because that's what they REALLY need, right?



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