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Author: BobR    Date: 04/26/2018 12:29:20


If there was a single word that summed up the tRump "administration", it would be that. His executive orders keep getting overturned by the courts. His picks for cabinets are often diametrically opposed to the positions they occupy. Those that manage to get past a Senate confirmation hearing (new motto: "We're tRump's Rubber stamp!") or don't require confirmation are bumbling badly or flame out spectacularly (example: EPA Chief Scott Pruitt).

tRump's latest pick - Ronny Jackson to head the VA - is just yet another example of the wrong guy being picked by the dumb guy.

First came the story that Jackson wrecked a government vehicle while drunk and was caught prescribing himself a large number of opioids (which he claimed were for another government employee - not that that makes it any better). Even FOX "News" anchor Shep Smith called him "the candyman" for being a pill-pusher. Republicans in Congress are none to keen on him (likely because they don't need another talking point for the Dems in November), saying he lacks managerial experience and suggesting he withdraw himself from consideration.

Apparently, Jackson got the hint and withdrew himself from consideration. That's got to sting tRump.

You know what else has to sting? After an awkward bit of public weirdness yesterday with French leader Macron (and being rebuffed by Melania), tRump got his fat ass handed to him by Macron when he condemned all of tRump's policies and pedantry in front of the Congress, who cheered him on.


It's yet another example of tRump's incompetence, an idiot pretending to be a leader, the king in his invisible clothes. He didn't see the visit from an urbane forward-thinking world leader would make him look all the worse by comparison?

America deserves better... or does it?


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