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Memorial Day
Author: TriSec    Date: 05/28/2018 14:01:14


Boston's Flag Garden idea spreading across US

BOSTON (AP) — The solemn display of tens of thousands of U.S. flags that first appeared on Boston Common for Memorial Day a decade ago, honoring service members who have died defending the nation, is slowly becoming a national movement.

The flag gardens, as they are known, can be seen this weekend in Texas, Louisiana, Ohio and New York, all started by local residents inspired by the Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund tribute started in 2010.

“We are extraordinarily proud that what we intended to do for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has been brought to a scale that we never fully anticipated,” said Tom Crohan, president of the nonprofit’s board of directors.

The concept has even spread to Canada, where thousands of Canadian flags are planted in Toronto on Remembrance Day in November, when Canada honors its military members who have died in the line of duty.

The Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund was founded in 2009 to support to the families of active duty service members killed since 9/11.

The first sea of fluttering stars and stripes included 20,000 flags, one for every Massachusetts resident who gave their life in war since World War I. This year, more than 37,000 flags honoring those who have died dating to the Revolutionary War have been planted.

What makes the stirring display so special is that it’s so unexpected. Most people who see it are just walking across the Common for another reason, Crohan said.

“It’s almost impossible to walk past that site without stopping,” Crohan said.

While I have a relative buried in Arlington National Cemetery, and my dear Uncle Ray Moore remains the only Eagle in the family...I am reminded today of the father of a man who was perhaps the greatest influence on my young life.

Master Sargent Thomas “Pops” Virnelli

Died in 1945 doing a covert night mission. In a unarmed or instrumented plane.
He was 50 years old and a veteran of World War One. He felt so strongly about the war he basically forced him self into service.

After giving the ultimate sacrifice his widow and four children lived in north Saugus in home he built by his own hands.

They are all extremely successful individuals. And very involved in their community’s. Despite all of them loosing their dad in early childhood.

Please enjoy Memorial Day and remember our fallen. Also remember the families that pick up the pieces.

From a friend posting on Facebook.

This was the father of Mr. James Virnelli (Saugus, MA) A classmate of my mother's at Saugus High School, and Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 61 in the same town.

All of us with a 61 on our shoulder remember and thank you for your sacrifice.


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