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Now is not the time to be silent
Author: Raine    Date: 06/11/2018 13:18:54

It is vitally important that you bookmark and print this article out so people can see it. Share it widely. I posted it on my Facebook page and hope you will as well.
“Just the abuse that they endured, being called filthy and stinky and being mocked for crying,” Jayapal told The Post. “One woman said ‘I want to be with my children’ and the Border Patrol agent said: ‘You will never see your children again. Families don’t exist here. You won’t have a family anymore.’ ”

On Saturday afternoon, Jayapal issued a withering statement describing her visit — “The mothers could not stop crying when they spoke about their children,” she wrote — and called for the Trump administration to reunite the detained and separated families.

“We have always had problems with the criminalization of immigrants,” Jayapal said in a video posted to her social media accounts Saturday. “But this is a new low, to take folks who are asylum seekers and throw them into a facility, not provide them with any access to basic human rights and, worst of all, to separate mothers from their children.”

It heartbreaking, like so many other stories. It's also important for people to know what is being done in the name of the United States of America. Families are being torn apart. ICE and Border patrol cannot simply say they are following orders - that defense didn't work at the Nuremberg trials and we cannot let it be okay here.

We may be in violation of the Geneva convention.

Please make your friends and family aware. Now is the time for good people to take a stand against what is being done in the name of our country by this administration, politics be damned.

This is is inhumane and is NOT what this country is supposed to stand for.

My great grandparent were immigrants and brought my grandparents over as children. I cannot even begin to imagine if my family was separated because they chose to come to America. Resist, persist and insist. Then take a break so you can come back.



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