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To Hell in a Handbasket
Author: BobR    Date: 06/14/2018 14:37:50

We have a common saying around here that every day seems like a week and every week seems like a month with this administration. This past week has been no different. Every day seems like the country is descending further into a fascist dictatorship, as congressional Republicans seem content to let tRump freely trample on everything this country has stood for. There are 3 major areas that have dominated my conscious observations.

The G-7 summit is supposed to be easy. We get together with our allies and discuss how to move trading and human rights forward for everyone. The occupant of the White House seems to take a special joy in pissing in everyone's corn flakes, and so he called for punitive tariffs on all of them. Once there (showing up late, of course), he warned them all not to retaliate. Of course they will, and Canada said so after tRump had ducked out early. Naturally, tRump had some nasty words for Trudeau and Canada, our longest and closest ally. To add a moldy cherry to the rancid whipped cream on top of the shit sundae, he called for Russia to be added back into the G-7, seemingly completely unaware as to why they were booted out in the first place.

After that international embarrassment, he headed off to Singapore for the much vaunted summit with N. Korean leader Kim Jung Un. Back when President Obama was in charge, FOX "News" and every right-winger who could get themselves in front of a microphone and/or camera claimed that he was being "naive" by trying to meet with Kim. Fast-forward to this week, and they are all glowing praise, suggesting a Nobel Prize should be a given. The reason that previous meetings have not worked out is that we set some pre-conditions to meeting, usually having to do with Kim's horrendous record of imprisoning, torturing, and murdering any of his countrymen who dared to criticize him (or even family he considered a threat to his power). pResident tRump set no pre-conditions and met with him anyway. What tRump got out of it was an agreement to continue the discussion; what tRump apparently thinks he got was de-nuclearization. Perhaps that's why he so naively promised Kim to end military exercises with S. Korea. Along with that promise, Kim also got legitimacy, and very valuable photo ops.


Meanwhile back at home, we have been warehousing immigrants and children (separately) in what amounts to concentration camps on the border (minus the starving and working to death part). There is a lot of confusion about illegal immigrants -vs- refugees -vs- unaccompanied minors -vs- illegal refugees. That last one is important, because during the Obama administration, we took in refugees fleeing "domestic" and drug gang violence. Attorney General Jeff Beauregard Sessions has decided that fleeing the threat of having your family tortured to death by violent gangs in areas where the rule of law no longer exists is no longer a legal reason for seeking asylum. What this means is that when they arrive seeking asylum, they are treated like criminals. With a zero-tolerance policy, they are running out of room, and are looking to erect "tent cities" on U.S. military bases... you know - in case the analogy needed to be any clearer.


I have lived through 20 years of previous Republican presidents once I came of voting age, and I have never seen such a dispiriting, nauseating, and worrisome mix of gross incompetence and venality. Our country as a whole is going to hell in a handbasket, and tRump is the one carrying it.

Where is the big bad wolf when you need him? Vote in November!!


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