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Mobbie Snowflake
Author: Raine    Date: 10/15/2018 13:04:42

So now we are an angry mob?

Just a few months ago we were snowflakes who couldn't deal with what people call "conservatism" these days Now, after the post-Kavanaugh situation, it seems as those very same people who called us snowflakes are now trying to say that we are an angry mob.

Let's talk about mob behavior in the Trump world.

You know what? We aren’t snowflakes, and we aren’t an angry mob. We are angry that societal norms are being put through a shredder all to please the leader of a strange autocratic-inspired person.

This is not normal and going quiet isn’t go to return us to some semblance of societal normalcy. A president campaigning while entire cities are wiped out from a hurricane is not only not normal, it’s abhorrent. An unindicted co-conspirator occupying the Oval Office is an American tragedy.

The people in power are accusing us of inciting riots and at the same time are saying we are too docile to handle their toxicity with anyone who doesn’t agree with them? That is what is dangerous. They are tearing this country apart with it.

I don’t care if they think I am a mob and a snowflake, what I am going to do is vote and speak out the way I have always done. The American way of life is under attack and it’s not the leftist Mob or the snowflakes - which don’t exist - that are responsible.

Don’t let them have it both ways. Call them out and vote them out.



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