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Primarily Monday
Author: Raine    Date: 01/28/2019 14:02:42

It's Monday, and after a personally lovely weekend, I'm having a hard time trying to write about the mess our nation is in. Let me give it a shot.

Things are starting to heat up on our side of the aisle with regard to who we may nominate for our Presidential candidate in 2020. Sadly, it looks like it is going to be a brutal primary season. I want good, qualified candidates to discuss ideas and policy. I want our candidates fairly vetted.

When I say fairly vetted, I mean just that. I don't want to hear the trivial bullshit that we have thrust upon people in the past.

I like the people who have already thrown their hat in the ring. There are some I prefer over others, but that is all subject to change. We are in a whole new world now. Things aren't going to be the same.

I want to repeat what I wrote last night.

I'm over rich people (with no experience in political legislation) thinking they can be a better politician than actual politicians.

Politics, like it or not, is built from the bottom up, not the top down.Top-down has us in the mess we are in right now. There is a debate to be had over term restrictions but I want our leaders to have experience in crafting policies and passing legislation.

I want even-keeled thought-provoking leaders back in the White House.




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