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Just leaving this here.
Author: TriSec    Date: 02/23/2019 13:28:08

It's been a long week.

Papa TriSec is recovering, albeit slowly. The first 12 hours after surgery were met with some optimism, but over the last 24, he's had some setbacks. However, last night he seemed to be feeling a bit better, an still remains in overall good spirits. That is half the battle right there. I'll head into Boston in a while, and we'll see what today brings.

I can talk hospital tech for just a wee minute. Take a look at the Longwood Medical District here in Boston. (Image too big to link.)

Within that tidy little neighborhood lies the core of the medical industry in this city, if not the world. I can name a few places that you should all know.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and it's subsidiary, the Jimmy Fund.
Joslin Diabetes Clinic
Boston Children's Hospital
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Where pops is today)
Brigham and Women's Hospital
There's also five colleges in the immediate vicinity, as well as the Harvard Medical School, and the Museum of Fine Arts and the Gardner Museum within easy walking distance.

Of course, this barely scratches the surface of the hospitals and colleges in this city, but I digress.

The Longwood Medical Area has long been the epicenter of medical discovery. You've all got CAT scans and PET scans and who knows what else at your local hospital. Most of that was invented, tested, and perfected here in those few city blocks.

So...at least I can remain confident that Papa TriSec is getting the best care possible in this city, country, and probably the world.


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