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Tired Friday
Author: wickedpam    Date: 03/22/2019 13:04:12

Oddly this has been a ear worm for me most of the week.

Kind of think it fits with so much happening and having to process it all.

Would also like to doff my cap to President Jimmy Carter, now our longest living President. A much maligned President when in fact he was much greater then thought at the time.

Miss the days when we had true leaders. I know that in the absence of leadership we are supposed to step up and fill the void. This void, right now, seems so large that its overwhelming, like the proverbial staring into an abyss. How to we overcome this? If there was one easy, perfect answer I'm sure people smarter them me would have come up with it by now. Until then we all have to do the multitude of small things to try. If we all shoulder a portion maybe we'll get past these very dark times.

Stay safe,


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