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Frustrated Friday
Author: wickedpam    Date: 04/05/2019 13:04:04

Seems like every which way we turn to try and get answers to settle some chaos of the tRUmp administration there is not so subtle obstructions. Don't think I will ever understand the people who are so willing to throw themselves on the pyre for tRump. There is no amount of money or power that can bring back your reputation once its been in the tire dumpster fire.

But still we will press on. Fighting the good fight. Trying to be the Robin Hoods to this "King" Richard. Its tiring. Try to take a moment or two to find something that brings you some joy and peace. Or just enjoy this video of a lovely koi pond and try to relax for just a moment.

Self care is important. Then get back to the fight.


20 comments (Latest Comment: 04/05/2019 21:20:41 by Will in Chicago)
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