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And Now for some Good News
Author: BobR    Date: 04/24/2019 13:22:49

With the release of the Mueller Report, the tRump pResidency enters a new phase. Barr and tRump are claiming it exonerates him, while the facts of the report say otherwise. This - along with tRump's ongoing caustic and erratic behavior has soured the support of Republicans, and breathed new life into the his detractors. With so many aggravating and depressing stories seemingly everywhere, let's focus on some good news:

tRump has a primary challenger: Bill Weld - former MA governor - will be challenging tRump in the primary. Does he have a chance? Not likely, but it will require tRump's campaign and his supporters to divert funds, energy, and focus to ensuring tRump remains the Republican candidate.

Former tRump transition team member (and lifelong Republican) says tRump must go: This is what a crack in the dam looks like. Others will follow.

Republican state lawmaker in Iowa switches parties to become a Democrat (because of tRump): Did I say others will follow? I did.

tRump says he would challenge impeachment in Supreme Court: LOL - he is telling the country (the whole world, really) that he has no clue how this all works.

And finally, on our side of the aisle:

Rivals scramble to dig up dirt on Pete Buttigieg: Why is that good news? He's gay - and they don't consider that "dirt". Being a gay presidential candidate is non-controversial. That's pretty amazing.


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