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Fourth of July Eve
Author: BobR    Date: 07/03/2019 12:48:10

Tomorrow is America's 243rd birthday. Every year since then, there's been some sort of fireworks display in Washington, DC to celebrate our declaration of independence from England. The display (with music) has been televised every year since 1947. This year - as we all know - things will be a bit... different.

We'll still have the fireworks, of course, and the Capitol Concert. Despite memes going around indicating it would contain the worst of the hard-RW performers, this year's lineup is about what you'd expect, including Vanessa Williams, Vanessa Carlton, the O'Jays, and Carole King. The fireworks, however, are going to be the biggest display that the fireworks vendors have ever put on - and a large part of it will be donated by them:
Ohio-based Phantom Fireworks and New York-based Fireworks by Grucci are joining forces to turn the night sky over Washington into a fireworks extravaganza like never seen before.

Phantom and Grucci’s pyrotechnic donations are valued at $750,000 cost, but would rack up a retail bill of well over $1 million, CEO Bruce Zoldan told WTOP.

But don’t worry: it won’t cost taxpayers a dime, Phantom said.


According to Zoldan, they made the donation offer in late February/early March. There was some back and forth negotiation about the venue and if they were even allowed to donate fireworks to the National Park Service and Department of the Interior.

“We finally finalized everything in recent weeks,” he said.

The donation itself stems from a friendship between Zoldan and Phil Grucci — both of whom sit on the board of directors for the American Pyrotechnics Association.


He also said the Phantom-Grucci show has 10 times the budget, all donated, compared to the annual Capitol Fourth fireworks event.

“Again, we’re doing this because we want it to be the largest show in the history of Washington, D.C.,” Zoldan told WTOP. “Much larger than the bicentennial show.”

They claim it's non-political, and perhaps for them it's an advertising loss-leader to get hired for other fireworks shows. Nonetheless, this will definitely feed pResident tRump's insatiable ego and allow him to boast that HE put on the biggest fireworks show ever. Never mind that this is what the Park Service does every year, and will continue to do long after he's gone.

He won't get his military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue, but there will be a couple tanks (not Pershing tanks) and a couple Bradley Fighting Vehicles on display... somewhere. There will also be a military flyover. Worst of all, tRumpy will be inserting himself into what has always been a non-partisan, non-political event by giving a campaign speech an address at the Lincoln Memorial. It's a disgusting perversion of the celebration of our nation's birth to make this about any one person (and any event that involves the orange shitgibbon is always about him).

Because of all this, DCA will be cancelling flights during the address and during the fireworks display. That is going to suck for travelers, and the reverberations from that will be felt for days.

I just hope that all of our dear readers enjoy their 4th of July holiday, spend some time reflecting on the REAL reason for it, and hope that things get back to normal as soon as possible.


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