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Wotta Week!
Author: BobR    Date: 2019-10-02 12:00:00

It's been one week since Nancy Pelosi announced that the U.S. House of Representatives was starting an impeachment investigation. Over the past 7 days, things have gone completely nuts.

  • Almost immediately, the Senate voted UNANOMOUSLY that the full whistle-blower complaint should be turned over to Congress.
  • Next came the news that Ghoulianni had pressured Ukraine numerous times to help with tRump's campaign.
  • tRump, Ghouliani, and a handful of Republican diehards (Graham, McCarthy) kept trying to red herring the story by deflecting towards Biden.
  • The transcript of the call was released. It confirmed that tRump committed a crime. They thought this would help their case?
  • More analysis showed that besides tRump, Pence, Barr, and Mulvaney were also implicated.
  • tRump, Ghouliani, and a handful of Republican die-hards (Graham, McCarthy) now switched to gaslighting, saying that tRump never pressured Ukraine
  • The White House accidentally sent it's talking points to the Dems, then tried to recall the email. Oops.
  • Acting DNI chief Joe McQuire threatened to resign if he couldn't speak freely before Congress.
  • The whistleblower complaint was declassified.
  • The whistle-blower complaint was released. It aligned with the official White House transcript, and provided even more details
  • Acting DNI chief Joe McQuire testified before Congress. He wasn't exactly as forthcoming as he claimed he would be the day before.
  • During that hearing, Republicans tried to hammer on the "2nd hand information" aspect of the whistle-blower complaint, ignoring the fact that it matched up with the call transcript.
  • Rudy Ghouliani seems to be melting down. He was screaming on CNN claiming he would be the hero. He's the pResident's lawyer?
  • tRump pushes Pence further under the bus
  • FOX News starts to balkanize, with some news hosts ready to cut tRump loose, and others still drinking his toilet water
  • It became more clear that the tRump administration knew they did wrong, because they hid the transcript on a high-security server, adding (more) obstruction to their list of crimes.
  • As we move into Friday, the House committee subpoenaed SoS Pompeo, demanding he produce a set of documents.
  • In a grand display of tone-deafness, it's revealed that Ghouliani would be making a paid appearance at a Kremlin-backed conference (he quickly cancelled).
  • Over the weekend, tRump had a bad case of Twitter diahrrea. He makes not-so-veiled threats to the whistleblower.
  • Rudy Ghouliani was subpoenaed by the House committee,
  • tRump announced he was trying to "hunt down" the whistle-blower.
  • It was discovered that tRump also pressured Australia to help Barr investigate the Mueller investigation's origins.
  • It was also revealed that Pompeo was on the call with tRump and Ukraine.
  • While under subpoena, SoS Pompeo flew off to Italy (with Gorka in tow), and - coincidentally - Barr was there too. This does NOT look good for any of them.

As a final punctuation to all of this (for the past 7 days), the State Department Inspector General (which operates independently of the rest of the department), requested an "urgent" briefing on Capitol Hill. Considering Pompeo being under investigation (and out of the country), it seems to me that he's trying to convey information to the committee before it disappears down a black hole.

Anything I missed? Let me know in the comments.

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