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Deja 2003
Author: BobR    Date: 01/08/2020 14:26:43

After 9/11/2001, the U.S. was shocked and ready for revenge. After the smoke cleared, it was obvious the attack was coordinated by Osama bin Laden's group of extremists. We made an effort to go after them, but Afghanistan has never been an easy battlefield. At the time, Dubya was obsessed with Iraq and Saddam Hussein, and used America's shock as a tool against the American people. Cheney and others falsified the threat posed by Iraq as an excuse to invade and eventually capture Hussein.

In the years afterward, after numerous investigations and leaked documents, the truth has become clearer. We broke a country, tortured and killed innocent people, and left the area destabilized, all in the pursuit of revenge and American pride. It will all be stain on our history. No one involved in creating the mess has ever paid for their crimes.

So here we are just over 18 years later, and we are once again embroiled in a mess in Iraq of our own making. Due to complacence, our embassy in Iraq (supposedly the most fortified in the world) was attacked. Back in 2001, we had a moron for a president. In 2020, we have a moron who is also a pathological liar and narcissist. Can it be worse? Yes.

In response to the attack, pResident tRump was presented with various options for a response. Had he worked with the Iraqi government to capture Soleimani, it would have put Iran on the defensive, and the world would have been on our side. Instead - he chose the most extreme, which was an attack on an Iranian general who was in Iraq. This has outraged nearly everyone.

In response, Iran Iran bombed two U.S. bases in Iraq, and Iraq has demanded that all U.S. military personnel leave the country. We screwed the pooch on this one, initially releasing a memo saying we would comply, and then backtracking from that stance.

It's unclear whether murdering a foreign leader of a country with whom we are not at war is a war crime. What WOULD be a war crime is following through on tRump's threat to bomb Iranian cultural sites. He has backed off from that threat, but the reality is you just never know with this unstable idiot.

To add to the stupid bungling of all this, tRump has threatened sanctions on Iraq because of their troop withdrawal request, and Pence has claimed that Soleimani heled plan the 9/11 attacks, bringing us full circle.

While we step on our own collective dicks, Iran is switching its currency valuation from the U.S. dollar to the Euro. I am certain tRump has no idea that was something that could happen, nor the consequences to the U.S. if more countries follow suit.

The incompetence and knee-jerk reactions of tRump have caused very real long-term harm here in the U.S. It might just do the same worldwide. He can't be gone soon enough.

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