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My chief concern...
Author: Raine    Date: 02/03/2020 14:03:38

Good morning! I know not all of the 4F fam likes to watch the sportsball, but in our house, Superbowl Sunday is nearly a holiday.

We had friends over for a rather impromptu gathering and enjoyed the game and the distraction from the trash hole for a few hours.

The Kansas City Chiefs won! My sister is a huge fan and she was in tears she was so happy. As you know, I am a fan of the NY Giants and my other sister is a Green Bay Packers fan. Over the past few years little sister and I, as well as Bobber (Falcons representing) have seen the ups and downs of our favorite teams playing the big game. Chief Sister has been ever the good sport supporting the teams we love and last night we all supported her team in our home, so the win was really special.

I mean, who doesn't love Kansas?

I'll let F&F take it from here.

Happy Monday!




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